Saturday, February 20, 2010

A great day.

Shawn had today off because he needed to use up one last day of vacation before March 1. He chose to take today so that he could bring Abby to her skating lessons. He has also been bringing Joe with, who has his own skates too, so that I can go to yoga. Isn't that the greatest? Well, it is to me! He was thinking of taking them snowmobiling afterwards but the weather is a little too warm for that and the trails are getting either too slushy or too icy. I am actually really glad that he decided to stay home because we had a great day together. It seems that a lot of the time when he has time off we are both running in different directions trying to get things done or he is being a great hubby and taking the kids to give me some free time. Instead, after we had lunch we got our gear on went over to the sledding hill for a little bit. Afterwards, we followed the creek over to the lake so that Abby and Shawn could ice skate and Joe and I played in the snow and at the park. As we were walking along the creek I was once again reminded of what a beautiful city we live in and how lucky we are too have such a great natural park system right out our front door! After playing outside and treking back home through super deep snow, we had apples, popcorn and hot chocolate. Shawn layed down on the couch and fell asleep watching the olympics, I cleaned up the kitchen and got some dinner in the oven, the kids are still playing in the living room and I am playing on the computer. It has been a good day.

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